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Summary of Rates & Fees

The South Davis Sewer District owns, operates and maintains two wastewater treatment plants along with a system of underground piping called a collection system that consists of approximately 380 miles of pipe and almost 9,000 manholes. It is critical that the District’s facilities and treatment processes are adequately maintained and keep pace with new regulatory requirements, emerging contaminants of concern and a growing population.

Current rate increases are being driven by new nutrient limits mandated by the Utah Division of Water Quality (DWQ) for nitrogen and phosphorus. These limits require the District to construct new treatment technologies to achieve adequate nutrient removal not possible using its current wastewater treatment processes. These new technologies will also address more stringent ammonia limits imposed on the District by DWQ. Information on nutrient pollution and DWQ’s nutrient reduction plan can be found at https://deq.utah.gov/water-quality/nutrients.

The District is committed to providing the best service to District residents for the least possible cost and adjusts rates only as needed to match the cost of service resulting from required expansion and rehabilitation.